About London's "World Jollof Rice Day 2019" Festival

Get ready all you food fanatics for the most delectable event in London, Summer 2019! Discover the wonders of Jollof Rice, a mouth-watering African dish and explore the long tradition behind it. Join us for a fun-filled event rife with fabulous fiestas. Dive into the world of authentic African cuisines and music.

Jollof Rice Day will host some of the most magnificent and meticulously prepared All-African dishes. Centred around the time-honoured traditions of Jollof Rice, this event is sure to introduce you to a world of culinary delights you never knew existed!

Mingle with the who’s who of the international culinary scene! Have a tete-a-tete with renowned African food experts! Learn from them their personal preferences and pleasures! All the while enjoying fantastic tastes straight from the great continent of Africa!

World Jollof Rice Day: What’s It About?

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 marked the first time ever that London is celebrating World Jollof Rice Day. Food enthusiasts, food service professionals, and African cuisine aficionados will all be gathering in one place to create, partake and celebrate the finest Jollof Rice culinary traditions and dishes that Africa has to offer!

Why You MUST Attend Jollof Rice Day 2019

Are you someone who considers themselves seasoned in international cuisines? Are you one of those who are always looking for new delightful foods? Then Jollof Rice Day is perfect for you! Get the chance to explore a vast range of jollof rice making traditions and find the ones that you love the most.

Arrive at Jollof Rice Day Festival and you just might realise that this dish is exactly what you have been missing in your life. Find out how restaurants around the UK will prepare this dish. Let your taste buds be the judge and vote for the best dish at our event.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the very best of Africa in the very heart of the UK!


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